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Friday, July 27, 2007

Trailer Life Sampler Playlist

Last week Rhapsody's alphabetical long march through records on CDBaby brought the 2005 release Trailer Life from Drunk Stuntmen into Rhapsody. There were only two songs live on Monday, but by the beginning of this week the full tracklist had become Rhapvailable. With their twin-guitar alt country assault, the Stuntmen are Schmaltzy Junior's favorite live act, having just attended her fourth annual Cape Summer Family show at three years old and some change.

For today's Friday sampler, first we'll take T Flood's ode to the Blood of Christ. Next, Steve's ode to Bolinas, California, tricked out with horns and an electric piano/guitar interlude whose spacious minimalism makes me smile a little wider every time. Last, it's the band's memorial tribute cover of the late Florabama Bard Rusty McHugh's Bus Back To Birmingham.

Happy Friday, peoples.

Trailer Life Sampler Playlist

Get To The Wine
Bus Back To Birmingham


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