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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Adult and Blue Playlist

I likes my ribaldry and I like my schmaltz, but even I sometimes face reality. Here's a handful of somber, hard-nosed, elegant tracks.

This customized version of Alone Again, Naturally is from a 1982 Nina Simone album recently issued on CD for the first time and newly added to Rhapsody. Alot of the tracks are encrusted with a bit much Nina Simone iconoclasm for me, but this one is a thorough, tender, vicious autobiographical farewell to her father. It's full of potent contradiction (from the choice of foundation ditty to build such a song over on up) and an appropriate chant to offer at the coming of the cold months.

Adult and Blue Playlist

Alone Again, Naturally - Nina Simone
Am I Blue - Sheila Jordan
Rose Petals - Branford Marsalis


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