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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Somewhere Apart

I am still in Rhapsody Limbo. Here is my latest communique from the ever-effective Tier 2 Escalation Department: "I apologize that we have been unable to resolve the issue. Therefore, I have forwarded this issue to our next level of experts. They will contact you with an update as soon as possible."

That was last Thursday. I think somebody's doing something, though, because some time Friday my password stopped working. Now I can't even listen with Rhapsody Online, but I think it means someone was actually rummaging around the damaged data in my account/Library.

So there'll be no pithy Rhapsody Online song link today. Instead I'll recommend this pretty stupendous Robyn Hitchcock show from March 2005 at the Great American Music Hall. Above and beyond the always-enjoyable staples, it's a birthday show, and includes a segment where he moves over to piano for several songs to very fine effect, especially Chapter 24 and Somewhere Apart.

Of course, if your Rhapsody account hasn't been fragged, you're probably enjoying Goodnight Oslo.


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