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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

If I Should Fall From Grace With Zauhn Playlist

So last night I was watching Gregg Zaun stand at the plate for the Toronto Blue Jays, and realized I haven't seen a single movie trailer featuring Steve Zahn in over a year. And for some strange reason it made me happy to realize his brief reign of terror is over. These two bear both a surnomenclatural and physical resemblance.

It turns out Zahn is from Minnesota, which sounds pretty close to Canada. Zaun is from California, but plays for a Canadian baseball team. Confused? Don't worry. It all sounds like a fine excuse for a random Rush-related playlist to me.

If I Should Fall From Grace With Zauhn Playlist

John The Fisherman - Primus
Fly By Night - Rush
The Trees - Rush
Closer To The Heart - Rush
Take Off - Bob & Doug McKenzie


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