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Friday, February 27, 2009

Piss-poor Peoples

Now I've lost all sense of humor about this unresolved technical problem with my Rhapsody Library/account. I've gotten absolutely zero response from the committed folks in Tier >2 Escalation Department, so I've basically just started posting notes to myself every few days on my issue support tracking thread:

"Hi, I've still gotten absolutely no update on this, and the problem still exists. I cannot use the Rhapsody software to log in to Rhapsody, and have not been able to sync my mp3 player in well over a month.

This morning I manually reset my password and can log in to Rhapsody Online (but it appears the problem with multiple multiple copies of all My Playlists persists).

This has gotten pretty freaking far beyond ridiculous."

Addendum: Ah Hell, now that I've had my Friday morning aural Thorazine, I guess my sense of humor hasn't been completely stripped away. So here's a couple songs for the Rhapsody Technical Support special teams, at home and abroad:

Rhapsody Technical Support Love Playlist

Flushed From The Bathroom Of Your Heart - Johnny Cash
This Is Good - Black Flag


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