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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Fresh Catch Playlist Postcard Tuesday

Today a playlist postcard from my favored travels in Rhapsody over the last week. Of all the fine albums from 2006, I'm surprised how often I keep slipping Pussy Cats Starring the Walkmen back into the Play tab. It's been a real creeper weed of a record: a seemingly innocuous idea, but several months later here I am still staring at the wall with a vacant grin nodding my head.

Also, most of my life I've instinctively resisted Steely Dan for whatever good reasons. But, like mustard or a good olive, suddenly I've developed a taste. Here's one track of the explanation that was never force fed to us by radio or juke box over the years.

Fresh Catch Playlist Postcard Tuesday

Don't Forget Me - Harry Nilsson
Loop De Loop - The Walkmen
Your Gold Teeth - Steely Dan
Bell Boy - The Who

Friday, February 23, 2007

Out To Lunch Friday Playlist - God's Waiting Room Edition

OK, we're back. And in addition to the warm weather and complete absence of work, southern Florida provided a heaping helping of that easy listening goodness I do so love.

Does it get any better than crossing Alligator Alley with a view across the expansive hood of a Buick Le Sabre, changing the words to the Jeffrey Osborne song below to "gonna boom-boom-boom, in your womb-womb-womb"? This writer says no.

Out To Lunch Friday Playlist - God's Waiting Room Edition

You'll Never Get To Heaven - The Stylistics
Ramblin' Rose - Nat "King" Cole
You Should Be Mine (The Woo Woo Song) - Jeffrey Osborne
Breezin' - George Benson
Coward Of The County - Kenny Rogers
A Kiss To Build A Dream On - Louis Armstrong

Friday, February 09, 2007

Friday Florida Preparations Playlist

Tomorrow Lady Ribaldry, Schmaltzy Junior, and myself are departing for a week in the land of Jaco Pastorius, Leonard Skinner, Gram Parsons, Tom Petty, and Chuck Schuldiner. We have no plans to collapse in any hotels, and we're leaving the rubber tubing and BB guns at home. At least one of us will be wearing a diaper for the trip down, though.

Happy Friday, and we'll see you on the other side.

Friday Florida Preparations Playlist

Come On, Come Over - Jaco Pastorius
I Know A Little - Lynyrd Skynyrd
I Must Be Somebody Else You've Known - International Submarine Band
Here Comes My Girl - Tom Petty
Zombie Ritual - Death

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

"I Had Fun, You Have Fun?"

Growing up half-way between Providence and Boston I ended up drawn more to Lovecraft than Emerson, and went to alot more all ages shows at the old Living Room in Providence rather than at the Channel in Boston.

So I was quite elated to finally find some Neutral Nation in Rhapsody recently. And by some, I mean the Compleat recorded works of those regional punk heroes on one CD. It turns out the compilation was actually released a few years ago, but is sold out on CDBaby. So thank you, Rhapsody, for serving it up on demand. Below is a small celebration sampler playlist, and here's a playlist of the heart of the matter for me: It's A Bash. (Note that you don't need to subscribe to Rhapsody to hear those nineteen tracks once a month for free...)

It's almost enough to make me finally finish the research on my playlist ode to V66.

Neutral Nation Arrival Sampler Playlist

No More AOR
I Wanna Drive
Rocky Point

Friday, February 02, 2007

Out To Lunch Friday Playlist

Today out to lunch it's a Groundhog Grab Bag smorgasbord. First we rightfully celebrate the arrival in Rhapsody of the original version of Popcorn by Hot Butter, and a couple other odd gems added recently.

In particular, this Earth Opera song is from a whole album of cerebral psychedelic nonsense by Boston bands of the late sixties. Enduring the Green Line between downtown and Allston I was often annoyed by the Fenway crowd but never heard them chanting "Kill the Hippies! Kill the Hippies!" It's an entire suppressed era of strangeness hidden between the heralded folkies of Harvard Square and the new wave/punk explosion of the seventies. Certainly nothing they made us aware of listening to the Big Mattress or even the Morning Coffeehouse growing up. There's many more albums of this stuff in Rhapsody worth investigating, released by the Iris Music Group. And, the song also serves as a reminder that pitchers and catchers will report to spring training a mere two weeks from today.

Lastly, we welcome in the weekend with thanks to the Children of Men soundtrack. Rhapsody editor Nick Dedina provided some depth on the goodness squeezed into this album already. Today we'll just thank it for also being the delivery vehicle of tracks from the Rhapsody-rare King Crimson and John Lennon.

Happy Friday.

Out To Lunch Friday Playlist

Popcorn - Hot Butter
I Wanna Be Your Man - Smithereens
Can't Tek The Fire Bun - Cocoa Tea
The Red Sox Are Winning - Earth Opera
The Court of the Crimson King - King Crimson
Bring On The Lucie - John Lennon